Urban light pollution

For our first project at uni we have to make a zine on a topic of our choosing, something we are passionate about, I have chosen to do mine on stars and light pollution, also maybe talk about constellations and zodiac signs.  I found this article by Ellie Violet Bramley on The Guardian website when […]

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Fanzines by Teal Triggs

For the CTS part of the course we had to read an extract from Teal Triggs’ Fanzines, what we had to read was chapter six, the crafting of contemporary fanzines.  I like what she goes into talking about, what is crafting? and explaining its the past behind the objects and who could of had something […]

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Dalston Zine Fair

So last Sunday me and a few friends on the same course took a trip down to Ophelia in Dalston for a zine fair that was taking place.  Was a bit of a disappointment as there was only about five or six people selling there zines, even then they were quite expensive, I picked up […]

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